The name 2-Minds came from several different angles:
The first being that Jackie and Jen were regularly told that they thought the same way and have the same 'mind'.
The second is that as we all know, most horses have 2-minds: when they want to cooperate, and when they don't! This is why we love them so much!

The main reason behind the name, though, is the partnership between horse and human, requiring two minds (the horse's and the human's) coming together to work and understand each other as one. This we try to do with all of our equine and animal clients, and their owners!
2-Minds HorseSitting was originally started in the USA, where Jackie Michaels spent 18 months after graduating. Together, with friend Jennifer Connelly, she came up with the idea and started the business in Upstate New York in 2004.
When she returned to the UK at the end of 2005 , the business was forced to split.

Jackie started 2-Minds UK in April 2006.
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